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man wearing vollebak jacket
This Jacket Can Survive Pretty Much Anything
This Duffle Is Perfect for Your Next Adventure
man wearing buck mason sweater
Upgrade Your Sweats with Buck Mason
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WFH Essentials

Gear to stay productive when working from home
Wood Laptop Stand

Type 90 Mini USB Desk Lamp

Sayl Chair
Herman Miller

gear patrol podcast ep39
iPhone 13, New iPads, Bigger Watches: Unpacking the September Apple Event
The biggest announcements from this week's Apple Event; the Michelin Uptis airless tire; Taco Bell wants to recycle your used empty pla…
fossil watches
The Complete Buying Guide to Fossil Watches

They're affordable, and you can buy them at the mall — like, any mall. What's not to love?

France, America and Switzerland Meet in This Watch

The Semper & Adhuc Immédiate Transatlantique combines elements of European and American watchmaking in unexpected ways.

cartier watches
The Complete Buying Guide to Cartier Watches

From the Cintrée to the Santos....and of course, the Tank.

omega speedmaster coax moonphase
Why Are Moon Phase Watches Special?
A moon phase watch reminds us that we’re all just spinning through space on this pale blue dot, orbited by a glowing rock, mere cogs in…
2022 chevrolet silverado 3500 hd
Chevy's Next New Truck Could Pack Record Power

And it could lead to a best-in-class tow rating.

lexus gx
Is Lexus About to Upgrade the Other Land Cruiser?

A truly ancient off-roader looks bound to receive a major overhaul.

the us department of state has awarded gm defense llc, a subsidiary of general motors, a contract to develop and validate next generation large support utility commercial vehicles suv for future fleet production in support of the department’s diplomatic security service dss as part of the total development contract valued at $364 million, gm defense will create a purpose built heavy duty hd suburban, building 10 vehicles over the next two years
Chevy Is Building Some New Extra-Badass Suburbans

They're going to cost $3.64 million a piece.

Meet the Cars and Trucks We're Driving This Summer

Check out some of the cool vehicles we haven't had a chance to tell you about yet.

coyuchi flannel sheets on bed
The 6 Best Flannel Sheets of 2021

Flannel isn't just for shirts and grunge rockers.

window shopping roomba, cooking utensils, and hot suace
The 5 Best Home and Design Releases This Week

Roombas trekking through pet poo is a disgustingly common occurrence.

How to Sell Your Old Furniture Online

Get some tips on selling your furniture online to make space for more goodies.

The 8 Japanese Knives Every Cook Should Know

The mythic and weirdly specific world of Japanese kitchen knives, explained.

distressed jeans
Jeans That Look Broken-In Straight From the Box

Rips, tears, paint splatters, patches, exaggerated fades, fringe, and beyond.

16 Great Style Releases and New Watches This Week

A knit polo from Chef Carbone, an horological ode to a French comic book character and more.

huckberry skater
These Are the Best Picks to Shop at Huckberry
Whenever you need something, be it some new style picks, boots for winter or home goods to turn heads at your next dinner party, look n…
fd headphone rings gear patrol lead featured
This Is What the Rings on Headphone Plugs Are For

The number of rings on the headphone jack matters a lot.

5 Ways to Make Your Speakers Last a Lifetime

The great thing about a good pair of passive loudspeakers is that, if treated properly, they can last a lifetime.

lexus tentpole speakers
What Is It That Makes Some Speakers So Expensive?

Two audio experts explain the simple differences between a pair of entry-level bookshelf speakers and a pair that costs over $1,000.

tech roundup
5 New Gadgets This Week — That Aren't the iPhone

Apple's iPhone 13 took up a lot of space this week, but plenty of other gadgets snuck out too.

knife blade
What Do the Characters on Your Pocket Knife Mean?
Open your pocket knife. On one side of the blade, close to the handle, there are likely numbers and letters. They signify more than you…
New Down Jackets for Fall 2021

The ideal down jacket combines superior warmth and style. See the new styles released this month.

The Best Snowboards of 2021

From the groomers to the park to the backcountry, here are the most shred-ready rides we’ve ever seen.

the sound of music bikes
Why Are "Men’s" and "Women’s" Bikes So Different?

The reason is quite simple, somewhat ironic and definitely outdated.