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types of whiskey
How Many Types of Whiskey Are There, Really?
From light whiskey to the difference (is there one?) between bourbon and Tennessee hooch, these are the types of whiskey you should kno…
vw golf 2020
This Is Still the Best Cheap Car Sold in America

Attempts to create the super fun subcompact hatchback are trying to reinvent a VW that has been around forever.

gear patrol summer awards
The 12 Best Style Products of Summer 2021

The best of the bunch. The cream of the crop. Our top selections for you to shop.

best firestarters
9 Reliable Fire Starters for Survival Situations

There are ways to start a fire that don’t involve rubbing sticks or lighter fluid.

best watches under 5k
The 10 Best Watches Under $5,000

There are incredible values to be had at the sub-$5k mark from a wide array of brands.

misen dutch oven
Misen Released a Wallet-Friendly Dutch Oven

You can buy two Misen Dutch ovens and it'll still come out to less than the price of a Le Creuset.

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lord jones watermelon flavored cbd gummies
These CBD Gumdrops Taste like Summer
YETI’s New Duffle Is Perfect for Summer
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Vegan Chicken Nuggets? Impossible.

The Gear Patrol Podcast Episode Thirty – Listen Now

marlon brando rolex gmt
How to Remove a Watch Bezel Like Marlon Brando

You can give your sport watch a gritty guise by removing its bezel. Here's how.

hodinkee vacheron constatine historiques american 1921 in rose gold
Why the Heck Are These Watch Dials Crooked?

Every car enthusiast should know about this unique style of timepiece.

This Indie Watchmaker Continues to Surprise Us

Anordain's signature is enamel-dial watches, but the brand shows its design strength by stepping out of its comfort zone.

benrus type 1 limited edition watch
The Best Field Watches Under $2,500

Timepieces so tough that you can easily pass them down to the next generation, battle scars and all.

toyota tacoma
Is Toyota Dropping Hints About New Truck Tech?

Toyota USA posted an odd YouTube video that will ramp up the Tundra speculation.

The MegaRaptor Makes Ford's Version Look Tiny

It makes an emphatic statement, with some surprisingly practical touches.

toyota lq concept
Here's That Toyota from the Olympics Commercials

Toyota wants you to start your impossible, with a car that is currently impossible to build.

range rover
The 2022 Range Rover: Everything You Need to Know

Land Rover's new flagship SUV should arrive later this year. Here's what we've learned ahead of the launch date.

The Best Outdoor Furniture Brands to Shop Online

From Ikea to Herman Miller, this is your survey of the best outdoor and patio furniture at every price point.

dorm room with brick fireplace and wood floor
30 Dorm Room Essentials for Any College Student

These are the items you need to make your dorm house into a dorm home.

bespoke post
Some of the Best Subscription Boxes for Men

Whether you're a true gourmand or an outdoors-obsessed adventurer, there is a subscription box for you.

The 10 Best Pellet Smokers You Can Buy in 2021

The absolute best pellet smokers, whether you’re on a budget, tailgating or setting up your backyard dream kitchen.

Chelsea Boots You Can Pair With Any Outfit

From best-value to best-in-class.

The Levi's x Grateful Dead Collab Is Full of Hits

Tie-dye tees, jean jackets with patches, hoodies and more.

two men and two goats
Mucha Carne Makes Clothing for Both Kinds of Trips

Hence the psychedelic researcher-referencing product names.

there different types of face mask
The Best Lightweight and Breathable Face Masks

Breathe easy and stay cool with these options.

how to switch from spotify to apple music gear patrol lead feature 2
How to Switch Over from Spotify to Apple Music

If you're thinking about switching from Apple Music to Spotify (or vice versa), you don't have to lose your playlists.

Should You Buy Apple Devices on Amazon?

Amazon sells Apple products — everything from iPhones to AirPods, MacBooks to AirTags — at big discounts. So, what's the catch?

The Best Wireless Earbuds for Running

It’s time to swap out your basic buds for a pair that goes the extra mile. These are the best wireless earbuds for running.

tech roundup
8K TVs Are Cheaper Than You Might Expect

TCL's first 8K TV is finally available for purchase. It's the most affordable new 8K TV you can buy.

lore one cycling shoe
We've Never Seen a Cycling Shoe Like This New One

Seeking peak performance? Meet the LoreOne, the world's first 3D-printed carbon hard-shelled shoe.

This Ultra-Light Bike Saddle Is One of the Best

Selle Repente is relatively new and unknown, but the Italian cycling brand’s impressive Latus CL saddle is a secret worth sharing.

rapha trailwear
Rapha Updated Its MTB Collection With Trippy Camo

The latest items in its recent trail-ready series are truly eye-popping.

yeti fall color products
Yeti Added Fun Fall Colors to Its Best Products

Meet the Harvest, Highlands and Sharptail collections — and shop while they last.