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ford maverick leaked production shot
Here's Our Best Look Yet at the Ford Maverick

Ford's new affordable compact pickup was seemingly spotted on the production line.

gm electric vehicles ces 2021
Is This Shadowy Car an Electric Corvette SUV?

GM's CES presentation included a shadowy display of future EVs...and one looked distinctly Corvette-like.

storage bins for clothes and jewelry
This Beautiful Organization Collection Sparks Joy

Just when you thought she was done, Marie Kondo is back to organize your life.

How to Significantly Improve Your Complexion

Essential products and steps.

How to Get the Best Shave of Your Life
To help us outline the perfect shave, we sought the wisdom of Taylor Brinckerhoff, barber at Baxter of California’s barbershop, Baxter …
how to trim your hair without a barber gear patrol lead feature
5 Tips for Getting by Without Your Barber

Here are a few ways you can still keep your growing hairs in order.

fd napoleon pocket gear patrol lead featured
What the Hell Is a Napoleon Pocket?

And why is it called that?

best bikes
The 9 Hottest New Bikes and Accessories

Including some you can enjoy without even leaving the house.

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hestra gloves
The Best Accessories to Have On Hand This Winter
For Your Next Trip, Upgrade Your Bags with Thule
hoka one one ten nine shoe
The Ultimate City-to-Mountain Shoulder Season Kit
sponsored talking points carhartt gilliam
This Jacket Is Perfect for the Coming Cold
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The Ultimate Bathroom Upgrade? Waffle Knit Towels

These aren't your regular plush bath towels, but that's why they're so great.

a sign at the scandinavian chain ikeas store in greenwich
Ikea Is Opening a New Small-Format Store in Queens

The scheduled summer 2020 opening of the Ikea Queens location was delayed due to the pandemic.

Where the Hell Should You Hide a Wi-Fi Router?

You can't live without a Wi-Fi, but you can live without having to see it all the time.

This $425 Mahjong Set Is Getting Twitter Heated

The Mahjong Line turned a centuries-old game into a debate on cultural appropriation.

two pocket knives
6 Weird Knives That Are New for 2021

CRKT recently revealed more than 50 new tools for the new year, including some of its strangest to date.

monroe garden
Take a Look Inside Monroe Garden Outdoor Vintage

And you can buy it all.

lachlan morton pro cyclist interview winter riding
How to Bike in the Winter, According to a Pro

Pro racer and mountain biker Lachlan Morton shares his top tips and go-to gear.

a teal patagonia technical fleece
Patagonia Upgraded One of Its Most Popular Fleeces
Patagonia is well known for its classic Synchilla pullover fleeces, but the technical R1 is better suited to adventure, and is getting …
nike training club
The Best Fitness Apps of 2021

Countless apps strive to help make you fitter, stronger and leaner than ever before. Here are our favorites.

How to Reduce Stress Like a Navy SEAL

An insanely simple, five-minute trick.

Can New Technology Help You Get Fitter at Home?
At a time when home fitness is especially relevant, two new products promise to help you sweat without crowding your house. Our testers…
Peloton vs. Wahoo: Who Makes the Best Indoor Bike?

With home indoor cycling exploding in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we had to investigate.

How-to-Significantly-Improve-Your-Hair-in-90-Days-Gear-Patrol-Feature v2
How to Significantly Improve Your Hair in 90 Days

Hair can become damaged for many reasons and is usually a combination of variables.

fd sweatshirt v gear patrol lead featured
Why Sweatshirts Have a V at the Neck

The little V at the neck of your favorite sweatshirt has a long history and it’s more than just for looks.

These Are the Best Affordable Cashmere Sweaters

From Everlane, J.Crew, Nadaam and more.

workwear 2020
Workwear Is Back, but Not Like You Remember

There's a renewed interest in workwear. But it's not like the head-to-toe repro fits of the early 2010s.

best cast iron skillets gear patrol feature
Mistakes You’re Making with Your Cast-Iron Skillet

Be patient, avoid acid, skip the eggs & more.

france agriculture coffee
You're Probably Grinding Your Coffee Beans Wrong

It's not your fault your coffee tastes bad. Well, it's not all your fault.

canned cocktails
The Best High-ABV Canned Cocktails for a Buzz

For the occasions when a White Claw won't cut it and you're not feeling an IPA.

best sparkling
The Best Sparkling Water Brands, According to Us

Pop these 11 bottles (or cans) and stay hydrated in a fun way.

how to build the perfect desktop audio system
How to Build the Perfect WFH Audio System

Pro tip: invest in speaker stands. Professional recording engineers all do it.

Yes, You Should Still Be Buying CDs, Here’s Why

In this age of streaming and vinyl resurgence, the popularity of CDs has plummetted.

apple homepod surround
Apple's HomePods Are Sneaky Good Surround Sound

You can use two HomePods and a Apple TV 4K to create a Dolby Atmos home theater system. Here's how it works.

ces 2021
CES 2021: What You Need to Know

CES 2021 isn't happening in person, but that won't stop the news.

Integrated Amplifiers Are the Future of Hi-Fi

They’re the best option for most people building a home stereo system.

Bose's Wireless Earbuds Have a Complete Redesign
Bose announced a new pair of sport-focused wireless earbuds, the Bose Sport Open Earbuds, that have a completely new design. Here's wha…
best dolby atmos soundbars of 2020 gear patrol lead featured
The Best Dolby Atmos Soundbars of 2021 (So Far)

It’s 2021 and more and more soundbars support Dolby Atmos and deliver a pretty epic home theater experience.

The 10 Best Audio Products of 2020

Great sound is all about delivery, and this year, audio companies from Sonos to Sony delivered.

lexus j201 lx 570 off road overland concept
Lexus May Carry the Torch for the Land Cruiser

The Land Cruiser leaves America in 2021, but Toyota's luxury brand seems poised to pick up the off-road torch.

audi rs 6 avant nardo gray side
Take a Chance on America's Coolest Station Wagon

The Audi RS 6 Avant is as sweet as family haulers get. Take a chance on taking one home.

2021 ford bronco sasquatch
5 Badass Accessories for the New Ford Bronco

Ford promised a ton of customization options for the Bronco. A leaked dealer list suggests they more than delivered.

kia imagine concept
Kia Is Planning an Onslaught of New EVs

Kia has just rebranded, and has several all-new electric cars in the pipeline.

watch roll
The Ultimate Guide to Watches and Travel

From GMT and world time watches to tips and tricks for safety and enjoyment, here's all you need to know about traveling with watches.

seiko quartz astron
The Seiko Quartz Watch That Broke Switzerland

This is quite possibly the most historically significant quartz watch ever made.

indie watch maker interviews
Independent Watch Brands, in Their Own Words

The creators and designers of today's most influential (and obscure) microbrands tell their stories.

military watch posts
The Ultimate Guide to Military Watches

From primers on vintage field watches to historical surveys, we've gathered our best military watch content here.

gear patrol issue 15
The Magazine
The 100 Best New Products of 2020

Introducing Issue Fifteen, where we pick the 100 best new releases of the year.

The Best Tech from CES 2021

All the coolest gadgets we can look out for this year

Stay In Cycling Shape This Winter

Stay at the top of your game, without the frostbite
preparing the flax
This Great Summer Fabric Is Ancient

30,000 years of linen.

adjustable pillows gear patrol lead featured
The Pillows of the Future Are Strangely Hands-On

Pillows for everyone, everywhere, all at once.

Craft Brewers Are Running Low on a Vital Resource

Forget your Budweisers and Modelos. The aluminum can shortage is hitting craft breweries hard.

How the Gay Community Helped Popularize Workwear
Workwear’s roots may have started on railroads and construction sites, but its boom in popularity in more recent history owes much to t…
season 3 boots
These Hiking Boots Broke My Sneaker Addiction

New York-based brand Season Three may only have one shoe in its catalogue, but it’s already hitting its stride.

Just Getting Into Mid-Century Modern? Don't.

Like a bad meme, the resurgence of loud furniture and decor from the 70s and 80s started as an ironic joke.

Why Whiskey Nerds Buy Rare Bourbon by the Barrel

Can't find bottles of Pappy, Michter's and Birthday Bourbon? Buy the whole barrel.

snow peak
This Fancy Camp Gear Is Nearly Idiot-Proof
Seeking solace from the pandemic, I arranged to test a truly glorious collection of Snow Peak products. Despite my worst efforts, the s…
under armour sportsmask
The Best Face Masks for Running and Biking, Tested

Check out the pros and cons of a bunch of innovative approaches from outdoors- and fitness-oriented brands.

This New Ski Jacket Is a Waterproofing Miracle

Helly Hansen's Elevation Infinity Shell boasts technology that's both more sustainable and higher performance.

a skier looking at his phone
Want to Be a Better Skier? An App Could Help

A new class of app-paired gadgets aims to put ski instructors out of work.

koo tonal workout machine
I Despised Working Out — Then I Found This Product

Tonal is perfectly suited to people like me — and to the weird times in which we live.