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This Week in Gear: August 23, 2014

This Week in Gear: Toyota’s new concept car, Sony’s newest camera, a photo essay from Outside Lands, fantastic Red Wing boots and more.


Good evening, welcome to this week’s edition of This Week in Gear — a single shot serving of an entire week’s worth of killer new gear — pulled from our weekday editions of Today in Gear. Bookmark it to peruse over Sunday brunch and start your Monday completely up to speed. Have a killer weekend and be sure to have one for us.


Toyota FT-1 Graphite
Toyota shocked the auto world in January with the release of their front-engine, rear-wheel drive FT-1 concept. Now, Toyota has released its updated version of the concept, which features graphite paint and a premium leather interior. These refinements only fuel speculation that it will eventually reach production. We say build the damn thing already, Toyota. toyota.com

Bandit9 Bishop
The typical reaction to a new motorcycle is to want to hop on and go for a spin — but most will probably be content with just looking at Bandit9’s beautiful new bike. The Bishop is based on a 125cc Honda Supersport and features an aluminum unibody with siding made from a choice of walnut, oak or teak. All of the Bandit’s parts are bespoke and thus only nine bikes will be built and sold; better be quick with the checkbook, easy rider. $6,400+

Sit And Read Spanish Chair
If you wish for your den to emulate a 1960s study, Sit And Read’s new Spanish chair might just be for you. Originally designed in 1959, the chair is made from oak and soft, worn leather, making it not only stylish but also perfectly comfortable for a long afternoon of reading. $2,700

Zivix PUC
If you’ve been looking to get your electric/jazz fusion group off the ground and into the hearts and minds of the public, the Zivix PUC might help you get there. Plug your keyboard, guitar pedals or other MIDI devices into the PUC and it will wirelessly connect them to your iOS device so they can be used with the music-making apps you’ve dished out tens of dollars on. Now if only your bassist could get it together. $130

Troegs Hop Knife Harvest Ale
Hoppy beers and summer go together like bacon and eggs. Troegs Brewing knows this, which is why they’ve released Hop Knife Harvest, the second of three seasonal hop-centric brews. Troegs picks their hops at the peak of maturity, resulting in a citrusy beer with tropical aromas. Hop Knife will be available for the rest of the summer through October. troegs.com

Hunter Backpacks
No one’s a stranger to the fear of ruining the valuables in our backpacks when it starts to rain, which is why rainwear maker Hunter is releasing a line of weather-resistant backpacks for Fall 2014. The bags are made with either supple leather or bonded rubber, and feature a padded laptop compartment. Afraid yellow will clash with your outfit? The backpacks come in a variety of different colors both bright and muted. hunter-boot.com ()

Rocky Mountain Featherbed Down Scarf
Though winter may not be on your mind during the season of rum and shorts, it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead. Rocky Mountain Featherbed’s new scarf is made from nylon and stuffed with down feathers — perfect for keeping your neck warm during the impending cold months. $124

A Style Guide To A River Runs Through It
While watching A River Runs Through It to inspire ourselves for our Fishing Issue we couldn’t help but also take stock in its unforgettable style. Oxfords, waistcoats, felt, and not a single pair of shorts in sight. What proceeds are 28 modern interpretations of a squarely 1920s look — a handsome one at that. Wade in and who knows, maybe you’ll catch a few items of your own. Read This Story

Zanerobe Jogger Pants
Skinny jeans have fallen out of fashion’s favor: no more worn crotch holes! Welcome this new era with Zanerobe’s jogger pants, which come in three styles: dropshot, sureshot and slingshot. Respectively, they’re baggy, form fitting, and tight; their use of drawstrings and elastics toes the line between earnest comfort and winking normcore. $100+ ()

DJI Spreading Wings S900 Hexacopter
Whether for sweeping aerial landscape videos or spying on neighbors (not to condone it), DJI’s new Hexacopter drone can take off carrying any camera weighing under 4.9 kilograms. Its carbon fiber arms and landing gear ensure structural and flight stability; your purchase won’t go compromised, nor will your…creative integrity. dji.com

McLaren P1 GTR
The McLaren P1 GTR keeps it in the family; it’s available only to McLaren P1 owners. The P1 GTR has been upgraded to 986 horsepower and streamlined for minimum drag with an F1-derived Drag Reduction System, an exclusive straight-cut twin pipe design and repositioned wing mirrors. A little loyalty goes a long way on the track. cars.mclaren.com

Views On Top App
In rural areas, scenic views are common and communal; in the city, they’re a precious commodity, especially for bachelors and bachelorettes. With Views On Top, users submit and rate their favorite spots for great views, be they secluded corners of public parks or rooftop restaurants. You can also use it to book hotel rooms with scenic views. Free

Sony Alpha 5100
Many beginning photographers go whole hog with industry-standard DSLR cameras…and they end up gathering dust after a couple months. Sony’s a5100 is a high-quality photo and video camera with powerful specs — an ISO range of 100-25600, a 25 / 179 point AF system — and newbie-friendly features like a hybrid autofocus system and a flip-up screen (for selfies).

Billykirk Flagship Store
The famed leather crafters finally have a flagship store in New York City’s lower east side. Inside the well-appointed, compact space you’ll find quality leather and canvas wallets, bags, belts and even a dopp kit or two. billykirk.com

New York to Maine in the Toyota Tundra
When daydreaming of a classic summer road trip vehicle, a pickup truck is not what normally springs to mind — especially a massive 5,800-pound one that gets 17 mpg. However, seeing as the 2014 Toyota Tundra ($26,000+) could haul the space shuttle Endeavor across an LA freeway, I figured it could handle my family, a few bags and nearly 700 miles of road tripping. Read This Article

Hanx Writer
Created by Tom Hanks and compatible with iPad, this new, free app replicates the feel, rhythm and cadence of a traditional typewriter. All documents can be easily emailed, printed and shared. This typewriter requires iOS 7.0 or later and — fear not — has a “delete” key. Free

Just Type 2015 Wall Calendar
Gone are the naked girls, adorable puppies and scenic landscapes that’ve long populated man caves; this time journal celebrates fonts. Despite being overlooked as a mere option in Microsoft Word, fonts have distinct styles, looks and fascinating histories of their own. This calendar features twelve of the most interesting. Get this and pretend to be a design know-it-all. $14 ()

SWASH Express Clothing Care System
It won’t wash your underwear and socks, but this washer/dyer/steamer/ironer hybrid is prefect for getting that dirty button-down clean quickly. It can plug into any standard wall outlet and is easily stored in tight places, making it great for apartment-living. However, at five Ben Franklins, the laundromat around down the block is a cheaper (albeit inconvenient) alternative. $499

The Athletic-Fit Crosby Suit
A cousin to J. Crew’s adored Ludlow suit, this formal attire offers more comfort and flexibility in the chest, arm and leg regions. It’s available in four materials and colors — charcoal-worsted wool, navy Italian wool, herringbone windowpane and wool flannel — and it’s ideal for athletic guys who feel awkward in skinny jeans. jcrew.com ()

hook + ALBERT Colored Shoe and Boot Laces
An easy way to upgrade shoes: add color. Available in two lengths (32 inches and 54 inches) and a rainbow of colors, these waxed cotton laces come in packs of two, four and five. $24+

Sounds of Street View
Sounds of Street View is basically Google Street View with audio. Conceptualized by the hearing aid company Amplifon, the system (which requires a bit of coding know-how to add to Streetview) uses Web Audio API to recreate the way our ears process sound. Viewers can tell how close sounds are and where they’re coming from. Until we can window shop and talk to strangers virtually, this is our best noncommittal exploration option. amplifon.co.uk ()

Photo Essay: Outside Lands
Kanye wore a mask. Wayne Coyne (The Flaming Lips), a bodysuit. There was lots of denim, leather, and a handful of Chucks. Some sang the blues, some beat a drum. Big Freedia got white booties poppin’, and Kacey Musgraves left hearts to swoon. GP reports from Outside Lands 2014. Read This Story

Red Wing Blacksmith
The newest member of Red Wing’s popular throwback-oriented Heritage line, the Blacksmith Boot, is based on a style from the brand’s archive that was popular in rural areas for its ability to hold up in the field but still clean up enough to look great out on the town. The oil-tanned “Rough & Tough” leather is water stain-resistant and Red Wing’s build quality is off the charts, so you won’t need to change up to a new pair for a long time. $300

HTC One (M8) For Windows
Though Windows is often seen as the forgotten child when it comes to mobile platforms, the OS’s customizable “Live Tile” interface, sleek hubs, Cortana personal assistant (sorry, Siri) and Microsoft office capability are reason enough to garner a sizable following. Lucky for fans of the operating system, the M8 version of the HTC One is now available with Windows (in addition to Android), making it the first flagship smartphone to offer multiple operating systems. In addition to the benefits of Windows, the HTC One still retains its unique features such as Boom Sound, a Duo Camera and handsome unibody design. htc.com

Cambridge Audio Wireless Speakers
Cambridge Audio’s already great lineup of wireless speakers gets an upgrade with the introduction of an updated Minx Go, Go Radio and the Bluetone 100. The new version of the Go gets a built-in battery pack that will charge your device on the go and has a battery life of 18 hours. You also get integrated FM and NFC bluetooth when you upgrade to the slightly more pricey Go Radio. If you’re more concerned with audio quality than portability, the Bluetone 100 remains plugged in but offers better sound as well as Airplay, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. $180+

MEMA Pets ALU Collar
The ALU collar is made from waterproof and mosquito-repelling cork and is stitched with long-lasting hemp webbing. But its most impressive feature is an anodized aluminum buckle made with rare earth magnets that are easy to put on and take off but strong enough to not come undone if your dog is pulling on its leash. $150

Lifestar USB Charge Cables
If you’re concerned about your charging cable not matching your outfit, Lifestar’s new collection of handcrafted USB cables might just be up your alley. Their outer layers are made from various materials including denim and leather, and double stitching and layers make them less likely to fray or tangle. $20+

Maxx&Unicorn Co. Twisted Cuff
Though we’re pretty content with watches making up the bulk of our wristwear, it doesn’t hurt to shake things up a little bit. M&U Co.’s new industrial-inspired Solid Brass Cuff is a subtle and classy way to change up your wrist-game while looking classier than your high-school-era friendship bracelet. $75

Screen Time: 8 Of Cinema’s Coolest Watches
Watches generally hold two positions in movies: they’re either part of the story, or part of the character. In either case, given the right circumstances, movie watches can reach icon status for watch enthusiasts and movie buffs alike. These are our eight favorite silver screen timepieces that have made a huge impact on both cinema and the watch world.Read This Story

Gustin Workshirt
Gustin’s not your typical menswear company — to reduce waste, they crowdsource all of their products. Good news for you: this innovative business model drives down production costs, allowing them to sell premium quality denim for a fraction of the price. Their newest release of workshirts (available in both classic and slim fit) blurs the line between workwear and smart casual. Each piece is handmade in California from Japanese selvedge. $119+

Barn Luck The Bavarian
The guys over at Barn Luck are committed to the revival of motorcycling’s most storied and seductive steel horses. The Bavarian café racer is inspired by Steve McLaughlin’s legendary 1976 BMW R90S — the bike that won the first AMA Superbike Championship, proving that BMW’s strengths extended beyond touring bikes. barnluck.com

CLAE Fall 2014 Collection
The fashion-forward sneakerheads at CLAE just released their fall 2014 collection. Included are the expected steadies — both Ellington and Strayhorn models, but in a variety of new color-ways (charcoal, khaki green, and oxblood to name a few) — alongside their latest launch called the Robinson, a neoprene tongued, leather hi-top with speed-lacing hardware and an EVA sole to help keep you on your toes.

Aecraft Slim Wallet
The central opening of these slim, lightweight wallets allows for immediate access to both cards and cash without having to open the bi-fold. Don’t worry, its contents won’t fall out; everything is tucked away snugly with an integrated band and velcro system.

Incase Action Camera Collection
Soon to hit market shelves is the new Action Camera Collection from Incase, specifically designed to protect and serve all your favorite GoPro cameras. Like many of their other products, this line features a proprietary shock absorbing material Incase calls Tensaerlite. Next time you fall off your bike or board, your lens will be covered (even if your bones aren’t). goincase.com

Rite in the Rain Mechanical Pencil
Rite in the Rain is known for their one-off brand of all weather, water-resistant notebooks. Thanks to a durable resin barrel, these mechanical pencils are just as resilient, providing rugged outdoorsmen the opportunity to jot down notes no matter the situation or setting. All parts are made and assembled in the good ‘ol US and A. $11 ()

Tested: TravelTeq Trash
TravelTeq’s humbly named Trash meets an extremely wide range of needs and wants, and also includes features that you may not need or want — but you can’t argue that they’re pretty cool. Read This Story
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