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Myles Everyday Short

There are some things that are just inherently associated with good times: Polaroid cameras, Frisbees and bathing suits come to mind.


There are some things that are inherently associated with good times: Polaroid cameras, Frisbees and bathing suits come to mind. It might not be that they’re the best things, or that they’re particularly exciting, but they’re etched into our minds as accessories to enjoyment.

Myles Everyday Shorts fall right into that category. To be realistic, they’re not for everyday use. Wear them to work, and you’ll be “Shorts Guy”; wear them to all but a few choice weddings, and you’re going to be seated at the kids table. But that’s what makes them great: since you’re going to wear them exclusively for warm-weather antics, they’ll be etched into your mind as harbingers of a good time.


The true classic “fun-time shorts” have always been 5-inch Patagonia Baggies — but like their name suggests, they’re cut like a pair of half-finished Hammer Pants, too conspicuous to wear more than a few miles from a beach or trailhead. Luckily, the Myles shorts are cut trim for acceptable daily use without being too tight for a gainer off the diving board. And the shorts themselves make sure not to get in the way, with stretchy, water-repellent nylon and spandex fabric that’ll keep you from dripping everywhere, along with a tough drawstring, quality construction and mesh pockets. The 8-inch inseam version is recommended; but if you’re feeling a bit timid, or you’re tall enough to stare down Dekembe Mutumbo, then the 11-inch version should do just fine.

Buy a pair or two, wear them on weekends from May to September, travel, lounge, adventure, dive and drive in them — but don’t you dare do anything lame, lest you ruin their reputation.


Material: 4-way stretch fabric, 87 percent nylon & 13 percent spandex
Made In: U.S.A.
Inseam: 8 inches (standard) / 11 inches (long)

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