ACE Hotel

The Hotel Your Older Brother Would Have Designed


After eye balling the hell out their first three locations (Portland, Seattle, and Palm Springs) from a far, Gear Patrol was psyched to learn ACE Hotel was finally opening an east coast locale in New York City. We got the chance to check out the newly opened location in Manhattan a few weeks back, click through for impressions and as always a hefty dose of pics.

Located on 20 West 29th St, the new Manhattan ACE Hotel is a sight to behold from the inside, but easy to miss on the outside. The lobby is dark and reminiscent of a men’s club Hemingway may have been part of, the beginning of a decidedly masculine vibed hotel. There’s a bar, reading areas, bookshelves lined with antique books, vintage steel furniture, even a stuffed Badger.


During my stay, in one of their deluxe rooms, I was floored with the attention to detail. The room I stayed in was decked out with a King size bed draped with a Pendleton blanket, desk with leather blotter, pencil and Weber sharpener (old school), beautiful ACE hotel stationary, and even a record player with a half dozen vinyls to choose from. Even the bathroom was finished in subway tile, and the shower had a fantastic shower head (a much overlooked detail). Did I mention the old school ice box even stocked the High Life? (drooling yet Michael?).

With every corner and detail uncovered, I found myself nodding thinking, “that would look great in my dream loft apt.” Of course, that was the purpose behind the hotel designers Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch who have turned this early 19th century building into a hotel you could’ve only designed in your imagination.

It’s hard to describe cool with words, but when you stay at the ACE Hotel in Manhattan you just know. The pics should do the rest of the talking.

Authors Note: The staff at this hotel was the best I’ve ever run into. They were always friendly and happy to help, couldn’t speak higher of them. If you go make sure to hit up the old school picture booth in the lobby. Also, make sure to allot an hour for the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park, long lines but worth it. Oh, and don’t miss the morning Stumptown Coffee.

More photos by Douglas Lyle Thompson on the next page.

Cost: $99-$359 ($269 as shown)

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