How To: Drive Safely in Snow Like a Pro

Driving on snow and ice can be intimidating.

Sung Han

With large portions of the country blanketed in snow, you might find it challenging to get to work or even step out to get groceries. Even with a well-maintained road and appropriate tires, you can never be too careful about driving in snowy or icy conditions. Challenged with these conditions, we spoke to a few people who drive in these condition for a living: Red Bull Frozen Rush drivers Ricky Johnson and Brian Deegan. They shared their tips on staying safe when winter turns roads into obstacles.

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1Look where you want to go. Instead of looking at what you don’t want to hit, look where you want to go. If you start to lose the control of your car, don’t look at oncoming traffic because your eyes and hands have a natural tendency to move toward it.

2Don’t panic. In order to accomplish step 1, you have to keep your cool. Easier said than done? Probably, but it’s important. Prevent panic-inducing situations by driving smart, smooth and slowing down on the ice.

3Allow time for the car to react. A lot of people don’t understand just how much the vehicle weighs; it’s going to take a while for it to move around in response to your course corrections. The people who drive out of their means are the dudes always getting into accidents.

4Let the vehicle find its way. If something happens, have slow and soft hands, look where you want to go and let the vehicle find its way. The worst thing you can do is if you’re coming around the corner, it starts to slide, you see a car and slam on the brakes; momentum is going to take you wherever it wants to take you.

Brian Deegan is an American professional freestyle motocross rider, rally car and off-road truck driver and is the most decorated freestyle motocross rider in X Games history.

Ricky Johnson is a decorated motorcross racer and off-road truck driver who’s won countless events including Baja 1000 and the 2014 Red Bull Frozen Rush.

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