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8 Rugby Shirts Worthy of the Scrum, Trail or Home

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The classic rugby shirt dates back to the 19th century, where it was made to endure the brutalities and obscenities of the scrum. Typically made out of thickly-woven cotton, they had collars (as rugby was traditionally mean for English gentlemen) and horizontal stripes (vertical stripes were more common to European soccer). But with the advent of synthetic blends and polyesters, materials became tougher, lighter and more ergonomic, replacing the need for heavy cotton shirts in the scrum. The classic style endures, though, and rugby shirts are ideal for any pursuit that calls for tough fabric. They can handle the outdoors, a strong breeze, a barroom tussle, and they only get better looking with age.

Our Picks: Canterbury 2015 Webb Ellis ($65), Ralph Lauren Custom-Fit ($145), Patagonia Sender ($44), Boast Pieced Raglan ($149), Orvis Columbia Team Stripe ($129), Lacoste Stripe Herringbone Texture ($160), Boden Rugby Shirt ($88), Brooks Brothers Contrast Collar ($99)

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