The Ultimate Treehouse For A Grown Man

With an army of friends, Foster Hungtington turned a plot in rural Washington into a dream treehouse.

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Foster Huntington’s first job out of college was a pretty good one. A menswear designer for Ralph Lauren, he was building the foundation for a promising career in the fashion industry. But, it didn’t take long for him to realize that city life wasn’t going to work for him. So, just as quickly as he came, he left. Opting for a life on the road, Huntington began making waves as a freelance photographer, working with the likes of Poler and Patagonia and producing a book in the process, Home Is Where You Park It.

His latest project, Cinder Cone, a dual treehouse in the hills of Washington state, is a representation of his transition from a nomadic traveler to a more stationary, imaginative tinkerer. His new home speaks to a growing interest in alternative living and provides everything he couldn’t find living in the city. Huntington’s ability to combine his photographic ability with a keen eye for outdoor pursuits has allowed him to carve a career out of the allure of an endless summer.

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