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Building the Fake Movie Trailer of the Year

Alf Lovvold’s fictitious movie trailer demonstrates how hard work and advanced computer animation can make a movie a (flashy-as-hell) one-man job.

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Norwegian artist Alf Lovvold’s fictitious trailer for Dawn of the Planet of the Zombies and the Giant Killer Plants on Some Serious Acid began as a side project for experimenting with heavily layered scenes and advanced GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) rendering. His initial steps into the project were documented and shared with his Vimeo community. As support and visual suggestions grew, so did the intricacy of the project.

With his background in animatics, Lovvold’s initial plan for the piece was to simply see just how much the the GPU-accelerated, biased renderer Redshift could handle. With its ability to render a seemingly infinite number of polygons and textures with off-the-shelf hardware, the answer was: a lot. The outcome was a fully developed three-minute trailer with the same visual quality and lifelike action one might expect from big-budget films.

In total, Lovvold’s solo effort, which depicts a world overrun by social-media-deprived zombies and monster vegetation, flaunts what seven months of work from a single person with the right tools can accomplish. And if his supporters have their way, this trailer may grow into something much more.

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