Wide Open Adventures

Your Very Own Baja 1000


Add this one to the “ultimate carhead bachelor party” list, or your next manventure. Wide Open Adventure offers a variety of Baja-based motorized explorations based out of “Horsepower Ranch”, a 140 acre mecca in the valley of Ensenada that coddles its guests in a mix of Mexican ranch and Baja racing lifestyle. Guests like Paul Newman, Mario Andretti, and Baja 1000 racer Patrick Dempsey (yes, of Grey’s Anatomy) have all had a dip of Horsepower Ranch’s kool-aid – getting your own foot in the door is easier than you think.

Wide Open Adventure, an outfit in operation for over a decade has the creds. With 4.5 million miles of Baja runs logged and a staff of over 100 focused on making your Baja excursion rock your face off, these guys know their Baja. The advneture: you, and a co-driver (hopefully a friend you can entrust with driving logistics, technology, guidance, and driving) in a $100,000+ Wide Open Baja Challenge Car bombing the Baja at up-to 90 mph en route to and by destinations such as Cabo San Lucas, Diablo Dry Lake, and the Sea of Cortez. Worried about destroying your back? Get this, the advanced suspensions on the Baja Challenge Cars can eat bowling ball sized boulders at 40-50 mph without you so much as feeling it. Try that in your SUV. The most taxing part of the trip? The $1,000 per day pricetag and how you’ll share the stories to all your buddies back home without making them wish they had been a better friend.

Cost: $1,000+ (per day)

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