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Cartographies of Time

A History of the Timeline


Great works of non-fiction often stand out because they make detailed examinations of even the most obscure topics fascinating. Cartographies of Time: A History of the Timeline ($32) certainly follows this pattern and will appeal to anyone with a love of history or design. Lavishly illustrated and packed with historical documentation, this book examines the evolution of the timeline or “time map” concept across the globe since its earliest inception in 1450 A.D. and explores how it evolved in various formats within different societies. Yes, we know it sounds nerdy (or stonery), but truthfully digging into the questions behind why we as a species continue to represent the passage of time as falling on a line or map digs up a variety of philosophical questions worth exploring by anyone with a hungry mind who could use a break from their Xbox. For shots of internal pages and a link to grab a copy for your library, see below.

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