Kickstarter: Grassroots Mapping Kit | Mapping the Gulf Oil Spill

Pledging the Cost of 2 Gallons to Document the Effects of Millions


The BP oil spill in the Gulf Coast is categorically disastrous. Grassroots Mapping, a group of cartographical DIYers are taking what they know best, maps, and documenting the effects of the oil spill from 1,500 feet up. Using ~$100 grassroots mapping kits, essentially cheap cameras tied to helium balloons and kites, GM (ironic acronym) has already captured some stunning photos of the abhorrence. Using the insanely addictive startup-funding site Kickstarter, Grassroots Mapping is looking to raise money to fund the costs (helium, kites, etc) of citizen mapping. As of this writing, they’ve raised $5,600 with two more weeks to go.

The video pitch, produced by documentary filmmakers Tungsten Monkey (helmed by producer Bryan Bailey who I went to high school with) is after the jump. It’s definitely worth a few moments of your busy Monday morning.

Pledge Now: $5+

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