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Ministry of Top Gear Presents: The Alternative Highway Code

It's Biblical


The absurdist humor of the Brits is the stuff of Pythonic legend, and it lives on in the pages of this brilliant piece of literature: Britain’s traditional traffic handbook as reinvented by the boys of Top Gear. Filled with unbridled sarcasm, general silliness, and automotive expertise, you need only peruse the index to find page references for things like “Animal-Shaped Dents”, “Crash (comma) Oh God We’re Going To –”, “Hello Officer”, “Oversteer Face”, and “I Have No Idea How Harrison Ford Became Involved.”

Top Gear: Alternative Highway Code ($12) is 115 pages of careful instruction and full-color illustrations to help you navigate any and all vehicle-related situations, from the seemingly basic (three wheels on a car is quite simply “not enough wheels”) to the more controversial (do not let your dog drive, even if he claims to have only had one drink and feels “fine”). It will also advise that if you reverse fast enough, you can travel back in time, although that last bit is most likely false as everyone knows you must travel forward at 88 mph. It’s cheeky, brilliant, and a must-have for Top Gear enthusiasts.

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By Becka Blackburn

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