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Ultimate Survival Kit Part II: Urban Warrior

When the going gets tough, the tough get equipped


We were about two 12 packs deep into our weekly man meeting (a time when my friends and I are granted a hall pass from our ladies). It started as a simple discussion of “what if the zombies came”, and quickly evolved to earthquakes (and other natural disasters), riots, terrorist attacks or various other situations of societal collapse. We are all Southern California residents and leaving the city on a week night at 5pm is a challenge let alone during an emergency.

After some deep discussion we developed a plan. How the hell to get out of the city, but also what items would be need to survive in the event of a worst case scenario. This is part II of my survival series (that started with the Bug Out Bag. The Ultimate Survival Kit Part II: Urban Warrior.

GR2 by GoRuck


Gear Essential: Tough Pack We’ve talked about this pack before at Gear Patrol but I feel it is an integral part of the kit. This pack is tough as nails but still maintains a manageable size (remember you may have to haul your items on your back). Additionally it keeps the “gray man” feel without giving off the overtly military appearance.

Buy Now: $395

HTi X-Pack


Gear Essential: Hydration Bladder Water should be on your top list of priorities in your SHTF plans. Instead of having a pump, iodine tablets, or other purification method in addition your hydration bladder you can combine both with the X-Pack. The X-Pack works by putting the 1.6 liter bladder into a contaminated water source. The water passes over a high-tech membrane and filters out all the awful things that will can you sick.

Buy Now: $64



Gear Essential: Rations There are a variety of emergency food sources but MREs are one of the best in my book. They are used by the US military and require no boiling water or other elaborate prep. They can be eaten hot or cold and come with a small heater that requires only a few ounces of water. Although it isn’t 5 star dining it will give you the calories you need without too much hassle.

Buy Now: $8 per meal

Wiggy’s Sleeping Bag


Gear Essential: Sleeping Bag At 3.25 pounds you won’t find a lighter bag with such an amazing level of quality. This bag is rated to 20 degrees Fahrenheit (you can also pair it with an outer bag for -20F protection) packs up to a nice small package.

Buy Now: $200

TAD Gear Spectre Hardshell Jacket


Gear Essential: Outerwear TAD makes some of the highest quality gear on the planet. You can’t go wrong with this hard shell “e-vent” fabric all-weather jacket; wind and rain are no longer an issue.

Buy Now: $399

Etowah Outfitters Survival Tarp


Gear Essential: Tarp One of the keys to survival is shelter. Tarps can serve this function (as well as many others) by constructing a simple shelter to help shield you from the elements.

Buy Now: $46



Gear Essential: Heat/Cold Face Protection Used by military special forces and desert residents for years, a shemagh works wonders in both hot and cold weather.

Buy Now: $10

5.11 Tactical Pants


Gear Essential: Pants These pants are rugged, comfortable, and have tons of pockets for all your gear. Used by law enforcement and EMT’s these pants are solid quality for a great price.

Buy Now: $50

Merrell Refuge Pro


Gear Essential: Footwear The brand of shoes favored by most overseas private contractors, Merrell makes damn good shoes. Great for the city or nature, these shoes will get you where you need to go.

Buy Now: $115

Bushmaster AR15 Carbine


Gear Essential: Assault Rifle The debate will always rage between AK47 and AR15, but for my money you can’t beat the AR15 for taking down zombies protection during the SHTF. The options for accessories are endless.

Buy Now: $1295

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Remington 870


Gear Essential: Shotgun A tactical shotgun that is used by law enforcement agencies around the country and is great for everything from birds to zombies. Add an extended magazine tube and some ghost rings sights to create a tactical machine!

Buy Now: $665

Wilson 1911


Gear Essential: Pistol A modern upgrade to a pistol that has been in continuous military and government service since 1911. I think this might be one of the best hand guns ever made. Want to shoot better? The good people over at magpul have assembled some of the most bad ass instructional videos on firearms and tactical training. Proper care and understanding of firearms is essential.

Buy Now: $4,350

PSV14 Gen III Night Vision


Gear Essential: Night Vision Goggles Want to see what goes bump in the night? Military grade night optics powered by a single AA battery. This will work great as a monocular or attached to your favorite battle rifle.

Buy Now: $2,995

Israeli Emergency Bandage


Gear Essential: Bandage Your emergency kit should contain a first aid kit, but this bandage really works wonders. Easily used and applied; for this price your kit should have several.

Buy Now: $6

Magnesium Fire Starter Stick


Gear Essential: Fire Starter A traditional piece for most kits; an easy and effective way to build a quick fire with minimal tools.

Buy Now: $6

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550 Cord


Gear Essential: Cord Used by the military for years, this cordage has almost endless uses.

Buy Now: $48 per 1,000 feet

Duct Tape


Gear Essential: Tape There is just something about duct tape…. I’ve used it to fix blisters, patch gear, cover wounds and a myriad of other things. You simply should not leave home without it.

Buy Now: $4

SureFire 6PX Pro Flash Light


Gear Essential: Illumination SureFire makes some of the industry’s best flashlights. The 6PX is a great deal for the price, although just about any SureFire light will get the job done.

Buy Now: $79

Emerson ECBF CQC-13 Tactical Knife


Gear Essential: Knife It doesn’t get much cooler than an Emerson knife that has been “waved”. A unique automatic style opening via a hook in the knife and your pocket. This bowie style blade is up for any challenge you can throw at it!

Buy Now: $248

Bonus: Patriots

Gear Essential: Reading


Want to learn a little more? Check out the fictional story Patriots by James Wesley Rawles; a great book that will help get you thinking on the right track for survival. Also worth mentioning is Rawles instructional book How to Survive the End of the World As We Know It.

In closing there is no such thing as a perfect kit. I’ve given you some guidelines and you should assemble a kit that meets your needs and based on where you live. Being prepared isn’t just a collection of great gear, it is a mindset.

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