This Adventure Duffle Is the Best Answer to Bad Overpacking Habits

Meet the rugged duffle that packs a ton and shrinks down to a ridiculously small size when you don’t need it.


Mastering the art of packing is a worthy goal. But in the meantime, tossing the Matador Transit30 Duffle ($50) in your main luggage is an excellent safety valve. The 30-liter bag is surprisingly rugged thanks to waterproof siliconized Cordura ripstop fabric, taped internal seams and water-resistant zippers. It also weighs only 4.1 ounces and squeezes down into its palm-sized stuff sack when not in use. Think of it as your license to gear binge abroad (hello Tokyo), or your ace in the hole for skipping the meticulous repack job when you’re hungover burnt out. Or maybe you just like overpaying for hotel gift shop totes at 5 a.m. No judgments here.

Buy Now: $50 (From the Gear Patrol Store)

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