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Skyfall Blu-ray

Bond, James Bond. Admit it; you read that with an accent.


Bond, James Bond. Admit it; you read that with an accent. Was it Scottish? The upcoming Blu-ray release of Skyfall ($25) could cause you to reconsider your lilt. Under the direction of Sam Mendes, in what is certainly the most visually stunning of the franchise, Daniel Craig delivers a 007 that easily challenges Connery for the crown.

Back from the dead and debating his role as M’s go-to assassin, Craig plays Bond with the gritty edge of a bare-knuckle boxer who just happens to have been to finishing school. The slightly unbalanced persona pays dividends in this twenty-third tour of duty for the Bond franchise, creating an entertaining juxtaposition to Javier Bardem’s portrayal of Silva, an ex-agent bent on taking down MI-6. From the opening scene to the final credits, Skyfall provides a piercing glimpse into the man behind the gun. The charisma, the panache, the toys, the women. Nobody does it better. That said, we’re still holding out for the collector’s edition.

Buy Now: $25

Available February 12

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