Go Shockless This Summer With These New Sneakers from AETHER

AETHER’s sneaker features D3O shock absorption padding at the ankles and under the insoles, making them some of the most comfortable sneakers available.


It’s likely that you’ve been out walking around town, only to have a nice pair of boots catch your eye. A thought popped into your head; “damn, those motorcycle boots are sick! If only there was a Craigslist missed-connections for gear-spotting…” This is where we come in and tell you that the boots are made by AETHER — the design-focused brand for urban nature-lovers (think Dieter Rams x James Bond) — and this is the part where we tell you that AETHER just dropped its first-ever sneaker, The Dalton.

The upper of the high-top sneaker is cut from Italian leather and lined with soft Japanese leather, but what makes The Dalton even more appealing is its D3O® shock absorption padding at the ankles and under the insoles — it’s the same technology that protects bikers from the road during a crash, and now it can absorb the impact of every step you take. Click the link below to find out more about what makes the Dalton one of the most comfortable sneakers on the market.

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