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What Does It Mean for a Car To Be Vegan-Friendly, and Does It Matter?

Which automakers produce the most vegan-friendly cars, a machine that projects aromas like speakers throw sound, and how our shopping habits have changed during the pandemic.

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We begin with a chat about vegan cars, based on a new study that indicates which automakers offer the highest number of vegan-friendly models. What does that mean, which company makes the most, and does it matter? Then an odd new product that combines audio technology and speaker design theory to produce a highly effective smell diffuser. Strange, yes, but what implications does it have in the real world? Lastly, we talk about the results of another fascinating study, this one on Google search trends that correlate with pandemic shopping trends. Have you been buying weird stuff over the last couple of years? Have we? Find out later on.

Show Notes:


03:23 – Vegan-Friendly Cars: Which Brand Offers the Most Overall?

20:00 – What the Hell Is a Smell Speaker?

29:20 – COVID's Effect on Our Shopping Trends

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