The Best Watch Buying Guides of 2018

Having trouble deciding which watch is for you? Don’t fret.

The Best Watch Buying Guides of 2018 gear patrol full lead

The watch world is full of nearly endless variety, which can serve as both a blessing and a curse. How are you supposed to pick out the best leather strap for your new vintage dive watch when there are eighty trillion options available, and they’re all brown with white top-stitching?! And which GMT-equipped watch is better — they all look the same. They all have four hands. FOUR!

Breathe, breathe. We got you. Here are some of the best watch and watch accessory buying guides from the past year, covering everything from small-diameter watches to rubber straps to affordable dress watches, and everything in between.

15 Incredible Dive Watches Under $1,000

There's a myriad of great divers you can buy for a few hundred bucks.

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The 10 Best Small Watches You Can Buy Today

With a new focus on vintage-inspired looks, watchmakers are starting to shrink their products.

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The 11 Best Mechanical Watches to Wear When Traveling

Whether you're driving coast to coast or flying from JFK to Narita, here are the watches that will keep you on time.

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The 12 Best Dive Watches at Every Budget

The best dive watches combine old-school style and genuine underwater usability.

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The 15 Best Watch Straps For a Cool and Casual Summer

Ditch the solid leather for something more breathable, durable and casual.

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The Best Leather Watch Straps You Can Buy

Not all leather watch straps are created equal, and more and more options seem to crop up every day. Here, we break down 11 of our favorites.

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Five Of the Best Affordable Dress Watches Worth Investing In

Handsome, mechanically-powered watches from Oris, Longines, Seiko and more.

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These Are the Best Tools for Changing Your Watch Strap

Swap your strap in style.

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These Are the 10 Best Field Watches of 2020

Field watches should be reliable, legible and simple.

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The 25 Best Outdoor Watches

We break down some of the best watches available for your next outdoors adventure.

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These Are 10 of the Best Vintage Reissues of 2018

With an increasing focus on vintage, watchmakers are creating better old-school watch reissues.

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These Are the Best Rubber Watch Straps to Wear This Summer

A rubber watch strap is perfect for the water or for sports, but quality and price vary widely. Here are 7 of the best available.

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Who Makes the Best NATO Strap?

An analysis of eight fan-favorite NATO straps.

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The 30 Best Affordable Watches Under $1,000

From $80 to a cool grand, these are the best watches to get when you don't want to spend a fortune.

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11 Watches from Baselworld You Can Actually Afford

It would be a mistake to call Baselworld a show about accessible timepieces, but affordable watches always elbow their way in.

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