BAD (Best American Duffel) Bags

Meet the Fort Knox of Duffels


While domestic travelers might prefer basic hard shelled rolling luggage for standard trips confined to cabs, hotels, and airports, for anything off the beaten path these convenient packers don’t cut it. That doesn’t mean however that hiking and adventure backpacks are the only feasible solution out there for trips with rugged demands. Take the BAD bags produced by Best American Duffel.

Built to go through anything and still stay in tact, these hardcore duffels are made from rugged but soft to the touch 1,000-dernier CORDURA® nylon fabric and then coated with several layers of urethane for water resistance. All seams are double stitched and taped throughout, and every piece of metal hardware is nickel-plated and guaranteed not to rust. Structural integrity is also maintained by two-inch 6,000-pound break-strength seat-belt grade webbing. Finally integrated compression straps help heavy packers make the most of the bags internal space, while still reducing the overall size of the bag once packed.

If those details aren’t enough to convince you these duffels mean business, keep in mind that every BAD bag is 100% made in the USA and guaranteed for life, and not just some namby pamby one left in a closet. So if any BAD bag you purchase should fail while you’re trudging through hell, Best American Duffle will repair or replace the unit with no questions asked. You wouldn’t be the first one though to feel that promise is really a challenge in disguise. For instance BAD Bag customer Will Steger, used his for the 1990 International Trans-Antarctica Expedition and says “After seven months, 3,741 miles on foot, up to 100 mph winds and windchills of -110° F, BAD BAGS proved their durability and adaptability.” So if you do manage to break one of these bad boys please let us know and send pictures. We can’t have new visitors thinking you guys are anything but hard core now can we?

Cost: Small $70| Medium $90| Large $100

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