Garia LSV Concept Golf Car

The Cart Goes Car


Rodney Dangerfield thought his cart in Caddy Shack gave him a license to go anywhere, but he was rich, cocky, and drunk. What he really needed to match his ego is this concept “car” scheduled to be presented at the famous Geneva auto show. Garia is already known for their opulent golf carts, and the LSV or low speed vehicle, is in a nutshell just a street legal version.

Basically to match U.S. road requirements, the LSV is outfitted with seat belts, a license plate, and side mirrors. It’s also capable of reaching roughly double the maximum speed of your standard cart, topping out at 25mph. That said we’d still feel scared s$%# less taking this beauty out for some chicken on even your basic main street thoroughfare. But driving from our country club mansion straight to the links a mile or two away on private, impeccably paved country club roads…well we could definitely get down with that. No word though on when this will officially be for sale, or for how much. It’s probably more than a Dodge Neon though.

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