Silveira Customs Green Samba Personal Watercraft

Green Means Go


To equate the electric Silveira Customs Green Samba Personal Watercraft ($TBD) to a Tesla on water is the equivalent of an editorial shortcut, but the likeness is just too easy to pass. Similar to a sport bike, the Green Samba’s semi-prone layout is designed to feel like an extension of the driver’s body. On water, the incredibly lightweight (its carbon fiber hull weighs a svelte 34 lbs) Green Samba will achieve ultra maneuverability and deliver super-PWC 65 mph performance in near silence using power from its military-based twin direct electric propulsion pods. And do so with zero emissions. To us, it looks like the equivalent of a next-century ROV.

Side Note: Silveira customs, based in Ohio and founded by Rodrigo Silveira touts the Green XRS will be the fastest personal watercraft commercially available and be purposed for not only thrill-seekers, but also marine-environmental groups that need to research… um, quickly.

Buy Now: TBD (August, 2010)

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