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The Essential Gadgets to Keep Warm in Your Old Car

Don’t suffer through a frigid commute — upgrade now and stay warm.


Heated seats, steering wheels and cup holders are fairly common features in newer cars. And if you’ve ever had the luxury of being slow-roasted from all angles by these features while cruising through a vicious snowstorm, you know how pampering they can be. You also likely know how miserable winter driving is when your car was built before all these induction-based gadgets were even patents.

If you happen to own a car bereft of heating options, you’d be understood for swearing off winter driving altogether. But, should your driving needs and love for that old car be constants, there are a few upgrades available to help you endure the winter months behind the wheel.

Compustar All-in-One 2-Way Remote Start

Running out to the car 10–15 minutes before your commute to warm it up becomes dreadful when the mercury really drops. The thought of standing at the window, still in your PJs, sipping hot coffee is enough justification for fitting a remote starter to your ride.

Buy Now: $144

Kat’s 300W 120V Magnetic Engine Block Heater

The longer it takes your car’s engine to warm up, the longer it takes hot air to start pumping into the cabin. So if you don’t opt for a remote start but want to cut down on the time it takes to defrost your face, an engine block heater is a must.

Buy Now: $84

Hammacher Schlemmer Heated Steering Wheel Cover

Unless your car is of a really old vintage, its steering wheel most likely has a metal core — which, when things get really cold, basically acts as a chilling coil. Make sure your digits stay defrosted with a heated steering wheel.

Buy Now: $120

HealthMate Heated Seat Cushion

A good heated seat on a cold winter day has no equal. After you’re done scraping all the snow and ice off your car, it’s exactly what your butt deserves.

Buy Now: $17

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