How to Survive Winter Driving

It takes more than a good set of snow tires…though that’s a good place to start.

Henry Phillips

Keeping safe (and sane) while driving through the winter months takes more than a good set of snow tires — although that’s a good place to start. With the right gear and gadgets, combined with a higher of knowledge of car control, taking to the snow-covered roads the next couple of months could be a breeze. So do yourself a favor — brush up, stock up, and spring will be here before you know it.

11 Essentials for Winter Driving Survival

The first step in safely battling through the impending harsh winter months is being properly prepared.

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The Best Winter Tires of 2019

It’s all about having the right tools for the job, and getting from A to B during the winter is no different. Think of winter tires as an investment in peace of mind.

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Essential Gadgets to Keep Warm in Your Old Car

If you happen to own a car bereft of heating options, you’d be understood for swearing off winter driving altogether. But, should your driving needs and love for that old car be constants, there are a few upgrades available to help you endure the winter months behind the wheel.

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How to Turn an Old Car into a Winter-Crushing Machine

Though an affordable older car is a great way to spare your shiny performance car the pains of driving through winter, it can also make for fun and safe winter conveyance.

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Learning the Sweet Science of Car Control

New England had just received a few feet of powder and was feeling temperatures well below zero. I’d attended a racing school before, learning car control and driving dynamics, but that was on nice, dry, grip-laden asphalt. The icy New England winter took car control to the next level.

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How to Drift in The Snow, Like a Pro

To break down how to properly execute a Scandinavian Flick, we spoke to Wyatt Knox, an instructor at Team O’Neil Rally School and a guy who does this maneuver on a daily basis.

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