Corvette Z06X

X Marks the Speed


The SEMA convention, otherwise littered with overdone modifications and gaudiness does occasionally have its gems. In our books, the Corvette Z06X certainly classifies as one of them. Starting with the already potent Corvette, GM has tuned the LS7 engine to 600 horsepower using a revised air-intake system, headers, and a full 3″ exhaust. The suspension has also been amped up to a race spec with remote reservoir coil-overs and sway bars in addition to a liberal dose of weight-reduction including a carbon fiber package, polycarbonate rear window, racing seats, SCCA roll cage, and staggered 19″/20″ racing wheels/tires. We’re not entirely sure when, where, or how you’d drive a Corvette Z06X outside of a street-side encounter with NASCAR, but one thing is certain: expect to see ludicrous performance numbers.

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