2011 Yamaha Apex SE Snowmobile

Snow Speeder

Yamaha Apex SE

Your motorcycle is in winter storage. Your ATV is fun with tire chains but fails to provide anything resembling blistering speed in the snow. The luge is clearly not an option. Say hello to your maniacal turbo sled, the new 2011 Yamaha Apex SE ($14,949) With increased torque and top speed from its more refined Genesis 4-stroke engine, along with a stronger air intake, the Apex SE will make mincemeat of the trails (and any unwary snowmen). Add an industry-first electric power steering system that is speed sensitive, independent double wishbone suspension and Fox® FLOAT™ shocks in the front and rear, and you have yourself both a powerful and precise arctic getaway craft. Just don’t tell anyone about the Apex SE’s concentrated element hand and thumb warmers that will toast your delicate digits so you can finish building your Lego Falling Water house while drinking cocoa with those tiny marshmallows you love so much.

Buy Now: $14,949

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