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5 Amazon Prime Day Deals for the At-Home Mechanic

Take the financial sting out of filling up the tool chest in your garage.


Attempting to build or even start a halfway decent garage toolset can be a daunting task. Not because of the number and scope of the tools you may need, but because of how much it actually ends up costing. Quality tools aren’t cheap, by any means, and the cost adds up. Luckily Prime Day has more than a few deals on a couple crucial tools to help keep you under your budget — or at least close to it.

Imaging Multimeter with IGM by FLIR Save 20% This multimeter is normally available for $600.

Original Covert Tactical Gloves by Mechanix Wear Save 25% These gloves are normally available for $20.

LED Inspection Beam Flashlight by Coast G20 Save 20% This flashlight is normally available for $10.

MagClip Magnetic Multi-Function Tool Holder by Triton Products Save 30% This tool holder is usually available for $34.

Digital Tire Inflator by KTI Save 30% This tire inflator normally goes for $70.

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