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Black Friday Is the Perfect Time to Buy a Great Rooftop Tent

Roofnest's big sale means you can save up to 14 percent.

roofnest falcon tent on beach with toyota 4runner

2020 may have been a rough year (and 2021 only somewhat better) for most of us, but there have been silver linings to the dark clouds that have dominated this decade. For one, many of us gained a newfound appreciation for outdoor pursuits like car camping — an escape made all the better these days by the bevy of excellent rooftop tents for your ride. These high-mounted hideaways bring a bounty of added security and comfort to camping...even if they do make the occasional nocturnal pee trips a dash more interesting.

Of course, rooftop tents are usually significantly pricier than the ground-dwelling ones — and the stellar, extra-durable tents made by Colorado-based Roofnest are no exception. That's where Black Friday comes in, however. Starting November 19th, Roofnest is offering $300 off all of its tents: the small-footprint Condor models, the overlander-beloved Falcon tents and the wide range of Sparrow models, as well.

If you're looking to save even more, though, find a friend who's also into car camping and you can save $1,000 on a pair of Falcon or Falcon XL tents. (They do have to be shipped to the same address, however, so make sure it's a friend who lives close.) That works out to a 14 percent savings on the regular Falcon and a 13 percent savings on the bigger Falcon XL, which packs an extra 10 inches of width inside to provide more sleeping room on its memory foam mattress.

And while supply chain worries may stymie many holiday gift plans this year, Roofnest assures us — and the world, as it's right on the front page of their website — that they have all of their tents in-stock and ready for delivery. So even if camping isn't front of mind as the weather turns colder...well, it never hurts to start thinking of next year.


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