Justin Charles Cedar Strip Wooden Kayak

A Long Way from a Hollowed Out Log


Synthetics and composites have plenty of benefits, but they’ll never compete with the look of wood. This Cedar Strip Wooden Kayak from Justin Charles ($16,000) manages to provide the best of both worlds. Its beautiful Western Red Cedar strip exterior is combined with glass fiber to create a light weight, yet durable composite that puts a 1949 Dodge Woody or Jeep Wagoneer’s “natural” looks to shame. Size wise, the boat measures 18′ 4″ with a 21″ beam overall, while weighing a mere 38lbs. Though we’d personally be tempted to keep this handcrafted beauty in permanent portage mode, the kayak is equipped with watertight fore and after storage compartments, as well as an adjustable seat, backrest and foot braces. Carrying handles and deck rigging are also included — so if you wanted to hit the “gnar” the day it arrives, you could.

Buy Now: $16,000

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