The 2024 Lexus TX: Everything You Need to Know

The Toyota Grand Highlander is about to get a sibling.

lexus teaser of the rear of new tx crossover

The RX is Lexus's best-selling vehicle. That's mainly because it has been the SUV covering the vast expanse between the small NX crossover and Lexus's hulking GX and LX off-roaders. But Lexus has a new three-row crossover, the TX, which should help carry the load.

Here's what we know so far about the Lexus TX.

The Lexus TX should be a Toyota Grand Highlander sibling

Toyota announced that two new SUVs would be built at its Indiana plant. One, the Toyota Grand Highlander, has already been revealed. The TX is expected to be the other. It should be a unibody crossover rather than a body-on-frame SUV like the GX and LX. The TX bodywork will differ slightly from the Grand Highlander, but the two cars should be mechanically similar. Lexus's teaser image shows a large crossover that looks like the Grand Highlander, albeit with a black panel creating a floating roof effect.

The Lexus TX should get hybrid and gas versions

Car and Driver found Lexus trademarks for TX 350 and TX 500h. The RX 350 uses a turbocharged 2.4-liter gas engine with 275 horsepower. The RX 500h gets the "Hybrid Max" performance setup with 366 horsepower. Both of those engines are available on the Grand Highlander. It's unclear whether the TX would get the Grand Highlander's more fuel-economy-inclined hybrid.

lexus tx interior teaser

The Lexus TX will offer a six-seat configuration

Lexus confirmed the new TX will have a three-row configuration in a teaser image. The photo shows six seats total, two in each row. We don't know whether that will be the only configuration or if Lexus will offer a seven or eight-passenger version.

lexus tx teaser with mark levinson speaker

The Lexus TX will offer a Mark Levinson sound system

This won't come as too much of a shock. But Lexus confirmed via a teaser image of the door sill that the Lexus TX will have an available Mark Levinson sound system.

How much will the Lexus TX cost?

It's not clear yet. Toyota has not revealed official pricing for the Grand Highlander yet. But the two-row RX ranges from $48,980 to $63,150. So, we can expect the three-row TX will exceed those price points.

When will the Lexus TX arrive?

Lexus has confirmed a June 8 reveal for the new TX at 8:00 pm ET. Lexus has not revealed a timeline for TX production yet. But the TX will be a 2024 model-year vehicle, and the June reveal suggests it will arrive in late 2023 or early 2024.

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