Tesla Model X

Silicon Valley Sport Utility

A 7-passenger, all-wheel drive electric crossover with gull-wing doors that hits 60 mph in 4.4 seconds? Sounds like stuff of the future. Not for Elon Musk.

The storied CEO of Tesla motors, who unveiled the Model X ($50,000+) this morning announced that the third Tesla model will be available in early 2014 and manufactured alongside the Tesla S in their Fremont, CA factory. Available with a choice of three battery pack options, the Model X will boast a range up to 300 miles for and a range-topping price over $90,000 depending on configuration.

No matter which configuration you choose, the Model X will forego pesky annoyances like an internal-combustion engine (which are so last year) and utilize flat-pack batteries. That means passengers will not only be treated with more cabin space but access to a second trunk space under the hood — handy when moving luggage over from your Porsche.

Now, as for those gull-wing doors. Tesla refers to them as “falcon wing”, and they’re not just for looks — though we imagine you’ll garner a few at the mall — but to allow an adult to stand vertically underneath for easy entry or exit, and positioning of a child seat. It’s a not-so subtle hint at the intended familial duties of the X. With a design, size and pricing that squarely target premium SUVs, we think Tesla may have a hit on their oh-so green hands. Driving around a family might not be a driver’s delight, but who says it has to be slow, inconvenient and wasteful?

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