These 5 Brands Sell the Most Reliable New Cars

Consumer Reports has published its annual new car reliability rankings. Here are the brands that topped the list.

mazda cx9

Consumer Reports has published its annual car brand reliability rankings list for the year 2020. Models were scored from 0-100, with a brand score formulated by averaging the cars across the model range.

Mazda, with a score of 83, took the top score for reliability; Lincoln, with a score of 8, finished at the bottom; Land Rover and Alfa Romeo apparently didn't have enough data to be listed.

Brands like Mazda, Toyota and Lexus finishing near the top every year does say something about the brand’s broad build quality. Those are cars you want to buy for the long haul. However, we w0uld suggest taking the granular, year-by-year ratings with some caution. Strong brand-wide results can be skewed by one poorly performing car. Buick, with a seriously pared down lineup that still qualifies, can jump 14 places in a single year.

And reliability is not the only indicator of quality. Such ratings, for instance, hurt Mercedes offering new, cutting edge technology against Lexus, still selling dated mid-2000s era SUVs that don’t include Apple CarPlay.

Check out the top five most reliable brands, according to Consumer Reports, below.

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