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The 10 Car Brands That Produce the Most Reliable Vehicles

The usual suspects and a couple of big surprises.

lexus nx

Reliability is a crucial consideration when buying a new car; most buyers want their car to work. Which brands produce the most reliable vehicles? Consumer Reports tried to find out. They just published their annual auto reliability brand rankings based on survey data. Many brands you would expect, like Toyota, are near the top. However, there are a couple of surprises.

Consume this knowledge with a couple caveats. Measuring reliability benefits older vehicles with less sophisticated software. So Lexus — a brand still selling SUVs without Apple CaRplay — scored much higher than rival Mercedes, a brand on the infotainment cutting edge. And while they are unquestionably annoying, bugs with new software are resolvable with updates. At the same time, powertrain reliability issues can utterly ruin your car ownership.

It's also worth mentioning that brand reliability does not hold firm across a brand's vehicle lineup. Buick, for instance, has an impressive brand reliability rating, but the three-row Enclave still scored below average.

Check out the 10 most reliable car brands here.

mini cooper
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the 2022 pathfinder is all new from the ground up every inch of the vehicle was carefully designed to convey a sense of strength and capability with a strong front face, wide stance, blister fenders and a shorter front overhang versus the previous design
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2022 acura nsx
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2021 honda ridgeline
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buick enclave avenir gear patrol 7
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infiniti qx55
Will Sabel Courtney
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toyota tacoma
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mazda cx 30
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toyota tacoma future
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