Ford Has a Secret New Electric Pickup Planned. Here's What We Know

Will it be a Ranger? A Maverick? Or something completely different?

ford f150 lightning pickup truck sketch front view

On April 26th, at long last, Ford put the all-electric F-150 Lightning pickup into production. Yet Chevrolet and Ram weren't the only one stealing the new F-150's electric thunder: during the presentation, Ford CEO Jim Farley — the only Ford employee who will openly comment on future products — confirmed that Ford was working on another electric pickup to join the F-150 Lightning.

We don't know precisely which truck Farley referenced. But Ford has been leaving a trail of crumbs about its future EV truck plans. Here's what we know so far.

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Ford is definitely building a new electric F-Series pickup
f 150 lightning

Farley likely meant the next-gen electric F-Series Ford has already put forward. Farley referenced Ford's new Blue Oval City plant in Tennessee, which will build that next-gen F Series pickup.

The F-150 Lightning is an ad-hoc truck based on the current F-150 — which is how Ford was able to get it into production so quickly. The new one will run on a new, dedicated EV truck platform like the Silverado EV and Ram 1500 electric pickups.

We don't know whether Ford will use F-150 branding or call the new truck something different. Blue Oval City opens in 2025, which is a good bet for when we'll see that new electric F-Series.

Will Ford build an electric Ranger?
ford ranger

Nothing has been confirmed. But yes, Ford seems to be working on a new electric Ranger. The Australian outlet Drive has reported that Ford and VW were working on an electric truck based on the Ranger's T6 platform that would arrive in the second half of the decade.

The T6 platform also underpins the Ford Bronco. And Farley basically confirmed last year that Ford was working on an electric Bronco, which could be related.

Will Ford build an electric Maverick?
2022 ford maverick 2l ecoboost awd lariat preproduction vehicle with optional equipment shown available fall 2021

Again, nothing has been confirmed yet. But an electric Maverick also seems like a strong possibility. Farley has told the New York Times that Ford might eventually build an electric one. When discussing its new EV platforms, Ford teased a pickup version that looked like an electric Maverick —— and Ford PR strongly hinted that's what the silhouette was.

Will Ford build an electric Super Duty pickup?
ford f 250 f250 tremor blue
Will Sabel Courtney

Not right now. Ford has ruled out building an electric Super Duty for now. Customers buy those trucks for payload and towing. And customers that buy trucks for extreme payload and towing use cases probably aren't looking to go EV at this time — EV trucks aren't that great at those two tasks.

However, GM has said it will build a heavy-duty electric truck. And Ford could follow suit as EV technology improves.

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