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7 Motorcycle Helmets, at Every Price Point

A motorcycle helmet should be your first moto-gear buy; hopefully, you’ll never truly put it to use.

Henry Phillips

With most hobbies or pastimes, you can usually get away with saving a buck here or there by opting for budget-conscious gear. But with motorcycles, the gear you get is meant to save your skin (quite literally), so investing the extra dollars up front is always recommended. And that’s none truer than when it comes time to pick out a helmet. Luckily, when it comes to modern helmets, technology has advanced to a point where even the choices at the lower end of the price spectrum are worlds better than what the best offerings were just a few years ago. What you get as you move up in price is more ventilation, more comfort and helmets constructed out of materials that far surpass any crash regulations — money well spent.

Alliance by Icon $150+

EXO-R710 Transect by Scorpion $210

AX-8 Evo Naked by AGV $380

Bullitt by Bell $400

RF-1200 by Shoei $486

Corsair-X by Arai $765+

Pista GP by AGV $1,400

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