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5 Stunning Vintage-Style Motorcycle Helmets From Boutique Brands

They may not have the mainstream recognition of Bell or AGV, but these lesser-known lids can go toe-to-toe with them in the style department.

Marko Helmuts

You’ve probably heard of the Bell Bullitt and the Moto-3, maybe even the Biltwell Gringo. And if you haven’t seen the new Legends line from AGV, it’s time to put that on your radar as well. But all those vintage style helmets are from mainstream brands that stay somewhat on the conservative side of styling. If you’re looking for a more unique helmet with all the style of the more popular choices and then some, check out these boutique brands from all over the world. They may not have the mainstream recognition of Bell or AGV, but they sure as hell can go toe-to-toe with them in the style department.

DMD SeventyFive

The New Jersey-based DMD isn’t a mom-and-pop operation by any means, but it handles the entire production process in-house. DMD helmets carry modern DOT and ECE standards while at the same time boasting the claim of being the “smallest homologated shell in its category.” In other words, you won’t look like Rick Moranis in Space Balls just because you wanted a classic style.

Buy Now: $350

Premier Trophy NX

Although Premier Helmets was founded in California in 1956 and isn’t really a boutique brand, it still might not ring any bells for American riders. That’s because the company picked up and moved shop to Italy in 1987. But Premier lids have protected the noggins of world-class riders like Phil Read, Troy Bayliss and Marc Marquez over the decades. Premier also makes modern style helmets, but the Vintage Range collection is infinitely more timeless.

Buy Now: $411

MÂRKÖ Full Moon

Mârkö is another brand that dabbles in modern motorcycle helmets, but its calling card is the Classique line. Mârkö prides itself on its “how you get there is more important than where you’re going” mindset, which is ingrained in its products. Performance is more important than style, but Mârkö no doubt found a way to inject a metric ton of both into each helmet.

Buy Now: $404

Hedon White Knight

With Hedon, we start to venture into the world of luxury helmets. Of course, they meet modern standards — but with Hedon, you can customize your helmet from the chin strap up: choose the material the shell is constructed from, the type of leather trim, the liner material and paint job.

Buy Now: $786

Ateliers-Ruby Silver Lake

Ateliers-Ruby is another brand firmly planted in the world of luxury motorcycle helmets. It’s another brand with a customization program — albeit one currently being reworked and perfected so unfortunately unavailable at the moment. However, even with the configurator down, Ateliers-Ruby makes so many different designs, you’d be hard-pressed to run into another rider wearing the same lid as you anyway.

But Now: $1,663

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