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Some of the Best New Motorcycle Boots of 2019

Since there really isn’t one motorcycle boot fit for every situation, we picked out a few of our favorites new for this year.


Picking out a pair of motorcycle boots is like perusing a toolbox for a wrench, socket, or screwdriver—it’s all about picking the right tool for the job. Whether you’re heading to the track, hitting the trails, or just trying to beat the morning traffic on your commute, equipping yourself with the right boots is crucial for a safe, enjoyable ride. So to help you claw through the many types of motorcycle riding footwear out there, we at Gear Patrol have picked out a few of our favorite new boots of the year 2019.

Alpinestars J-Cult Shoes

As far as non-boot motorcycle footwear goes, it’s all too common to find shoes that neglect function and protection in the name of fashion. Alpinestars J-Cult Shoes find a happy medium between a full-on motorcycle boot and your average sneaker; with a full-grain leather upper, dual density ankle protectors, and heel and toe reinforcements, the J-Cult is more robust and protective than any ordinary high-top.

Buy Now: $170

Alpinestars SMX Plus v2 Vented Boots

When you hit the track, every piece of gear should be purpose-built for the task. The SMX Plus v2 Vented Boot, Alpinestars’s newest lightweight piece of motorcycle gear for your feet, offers impact protection in critical areas, delivers flexible support that limits hyper-torsion, hyperextension, and hyper-flexion, and has a generous amount of perforation for cooling. It’s the cutting edge of track-focused footwear.

Buy Now: $370

Rokker Frisco Racer Boots

Technical adventure riding boots and laser-focused track shoes look fine in their elements, but when you’re heading into the office, you need footwear protective enough for the ride but stylish enough to be worn in a work environment. Luckily, Switzerland-based motorcycle apparel brand Rokker has just the boot for that. The Frisco Racer may have been updated for 2019 to look more casual, but it’s still waterproof and packs protection for your heel, toes, and shin bone.

Buy Now: $479

Rev’It Expedition H2O Boots

Rev’It built its reputation in the adventure riding world with a constant stream of quality products. The new Expedition H2O flagship boot is the latest and most advanced boot from the Dutch gear company; every aspect—protection, comfort, design—has been overengineered to create the ultimate four-season riding footwear. All the cutting-edge technology and R&D that went into this boot comes at a high price—$770, to be exact—but at least you can be confident you have one of the best adventure boots in the world around your foot.

Buy Now: $770

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