Yamaha Y125 Moegi Concept

It gets what?


Let’s make this clear. Gas is expensive and mopeds are emasculating. Tiny wheels the size of a cookie do not a man make, but filling up your car for $80 a week isn’t exactly the best option, either. Introducing the Yamaha Y125 Moegi Concept. We can’t tell you how to pronounce it, but we can say that weighs in at a mere 176 pounds due to its 90 percent aluminum frame, made lighter due to Yamaha’s proprietary process that reduces air bubbles in the construction allowing for both rigidity and thinner materials that are 30 percent lighter. The Moegi is essentially, an ultra-light, ultra fuel efficient motorcycle (powered by a single cylinder four-stroke 125cc engine). Potentially capable of 50 mph and a mindboggling 188 miles per gallon, this could just be your new ride to work. Johnny Sokko helmet optional.

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