BRD Redshift Electric Motorcycle

Looks clean, plays dirty


When you think hybrid or electric, the environmental mindset overtakes all else. But what if electric power happened to be the best choice from a design and power perspective? The minds at motorcycle startup firm, BRD, took that very angle with their revolutionary BRD Redshift motorcross bike.

Aside from the beautiful tri-color paint scheme, the absence of superflous exhaust and gas tank gave the designers free reign to make the bike look truly unique, both futuristic and a bit skeletal, in our opinion. The advantage of this all-electric motorcycle is the immediate on demand power made possible by a shift-free setup. And though the Redshift commands a hefty $15,000 price tag, the bike is meant to be thrashed in rough environments with its robust suspension and high travel clearances. We envision it as the perfect urban to country getaway vehicle that also happens to make powerful statements in the areas of design, economics and performance. Pre-orders are being accepted now.

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