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My Favorite Wireless Running Headphones Have a Big Discount

Jaybird's Tarah Pro wireless headphones are better than ever, thanks to a $60 discount.

a pair of black wireless earbuds

I am one of those people who mourned the death of the headphone jack. I hung onto my jack-equipped iPhone longer than my friends and family, and when I did finally upgrade, the little dongle that allowed me to plug my headphones into the phone's charging port took up permanent residency in my pocket. Then I discovered Jaybird's wireless Tarah Pro headphones, and a small but not unimportant part of my life changed for good.

If that sounds like a melodramatic exaggeration, consider that I use my headphones while running five times a week, during my commute to and from work, and nearly every other time I use public transportation. That might total anywhere from 10 to 15 hours a week, which is more significant than I'd like to acknowledge.

De-cording that chunk of my daily life has been unexpectedly pleasant. I no longer need to weave my headphones through coats and backpack straps to the phone in my pocket or deal with the inevitable pain of having them ripped from my ears mid-podcast when I remove any of those items.

All of my hesitations were allayed by the Tarah Pro too — the Bluetooth connection is stable and fast (it connects before I can get them into my ears), the battery lasts long enough to get me through a full week of use and the fit is secure and comfy enough for running.

The Tarah Pro headphones typically go for $160, which is $160 more than the free headphones that come with a new phone, but right now, Jaybird has them discounted down 37 percent to $100. Want to cut the headphone cord entirely? Jaybird's equally awesome Vista true wireless earbuds have a small $20 discount right now too.

Save Now: $160 $100

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