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Target’s Incredibly Popular Bed Sheets Are Cheaper Than Normal

The discount isn’t as sexy, but the quality is better.


Buying sheets for your bed is obnoxious. It’s an area few people invest serious time learning about, yet most use the product every day of their lives. It’s also possible there are more bullshit products than quality products on the market. Amazon’s Deal of the Day on Threadmill Home Linen’s sheets, marked down more than 60 percent, belong to the former group. Meanwhile, Target’s line of Threshold sheets, also discounted, are in the latter. Here’s why.

For one, Threadmill Home Linen is an unknown — there is no storefront, few reviews and little reputation around the web. More importantly, the brand advertises thread counts, which exist in the “bullshit zone.” One set is 600, the other is 800, both far above what is necessary in a bed sheet and what is possible without double weaving or further fabrication.

For reference, thread count is a measurement of the number of threads in one square inch of sheet fabric — counting both horizontal and vertical threads. In our guide to all things bed sheets, Authenticity 50 founder Jimmy McDonald put it plainly: “pumped-up numbers with inferior, multi-ply yarn, the [thread count] numbers are often lies to begin with. A higher thread count doesn’t equate to better quality. Stay within the 200 to 300 range and you’ll be good.” Ariel Kaye, founder of Parachute, agreed, as did virtually every expert we’ve spoken to about sheets and sheet quality.

Instead of getting yourself tangled with a brand that’s relatively unheard of, get Target’s sheets, which are also on sale. The sheets from the Threshold line not only topped our list of best cheap sheets, they’re lauded by the likes of Business Insider and Wirecutter as well. Usually $55 or so, they’re marked to just above $40 right now, and we’re certain there’s not an ounce of marketing trickery happening, either.

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