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An OBDII Scanner Is One of the Smartest Purchases a Home Mechanic Can Make

Computer integration is making modern cars almost impossible to be a home mechanic, but an OBDII scanner can help save you money and prevent trips to the mechanic.


Modern cars are getting to the point where it’s almost impossible to be a home mechanic. The ECU of the vehicle is integrated into nearly everything, which means an electrical or computer engineering degree and a deep understanding of the OEM’s software is often needed just to make sure you don’t turn your beloved set of wheels into a big paperweight. One way to fight back against the slow but steady take over of the machines: Put this Foxwell OBDII scanner in your home garage arsenal.

The Foxwell OBDII scanner read and erases engine fault codes, accesses emissions readiness status and uses on-screen default engine code definitions from a built-in library. All this allows you quickly and clearly figure out exactly why your check engine light is on. Not only do you save a trip to the mechanic and the inevitable, inexplicably high service bill, but thanks to Amazon Prime Day, you’ll save $16 on the Foxwell OBDII scanner if you grab it now.

Buy Now: $70 $54

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