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If You’re Sick Of Carbon Fiber This Adventure Bike Helmet Is the Cure

Exposed carbon fiber is nothing new.


Showing off a carbon fiber helmet with a simple clear coat is nothing new, but it’s also completely understandable. The expensive, state of the art material comes with an intricate and unique weave pattern that lends itself nicely to a standout design. The average motorcycle helmet, however, is made from fiberglass and kevlar which, admittedly, isn’t as glamorous, eye-catching or as synonymous with high-performance as the black carbon counterpart. Perhaps that’s why the AGV AX-8 DS EVO Grunge Helmet stands out.

It uses a semi-matte clear coat and distressed black striping that looks like it’s scraped away to show off the helmet’s carbon, Kevlar and fiberglass shell construction. As the name suggests the AX-8 DS EVO Grunge takes some inspiration from the iconic ’90s style. And, just like the actual grunge style, the exposed yellow, reddish material isn’t exactly pretty, but it sure looks damn cool. Adding to that, today the AX-8 DS EVO Grunge is on sale for $250, saving you $180 — so it’s more affordable just like the torn and tattered jeans and flannel shirts you probably think of every time you hear the word ‘grunge.’

Buy Now: $430 $250

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