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This Might Be the Best Coffee Maker Ever Made, and It’s $100 Off Today

The Dutch-made Moccamasters are icons of product design, and not just because they’re great to look at.


What Chemex is to pour-over coffee, Moccamaster is to batch coffee makers — except better.

Fifty years ago, Gerard Clement Smit opened the Technivorm factory in the Netherlands with the intent to make a coffee machine that was better that its competition in every way. He did that — the Moccamaster was the first coffee maker certified by the Specialty Coffee Association (which is extremely difficult) and the European Coffee Brewing Center. The machine was, and still is, assembled by hand with materials that are superior to the competition then and now (copper tubing to heat water more quickly and a metal housing for starters), come with a 5-year warranty and can be taken apart at home for cleaning, troubleshooting and maintenance (a rarity for a coffee machine). It also earned the title best upgrade coffee maker (though a slightly different model than the one here) in our definitive guide on the subject.

The machine was decades ahead of its competition, and remains at the top of the market for coffee makers today. Each features pre-brew bloom cycles, razor sharp temperature control (always between 196 and 205 degrees when brewing, per SCAA standards) and quick brew times. None are programmable or have LCD touch screens, but they are gorgeous and simpler to use than most high-end home brewers.

Today, the Moccamaster K741 is fully $100 off its retail price. This model features a pour-over basket (note that this model won’t close the coffee drip when you remove the carafe, so wait until brewing is complete to pour a cup), a matte silver finish and brews its full 40-ounce max load in 6 minutes or less. All Moccamaster models are certified by the aforementioned third party groups, and all remain handmade and tested before shipping.

Buy Now: $300 $200

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