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Vital Proteins Post-Workout Protein is on Sale for Black Friday

Boost your post-workout recovery shake with a collagen peptide protein that’s now on sale for up to 30 percent off.

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If you workout, you need to rebuild after every session. Replenishing your body with fuel to help your muscles recover is the fastest way to get stronger and leaner. While the science behind collagen peptides varies, collagen can help you build powerful bones and joints — there are even studies behind using collagen to treat some forms of osteoarthritis. Just like with all supplements and minerals that you choose to ingest, check out the labels beforehand. Pick one that has the minimum amount of ingredients (as with most processed foods), plus look for NSF approval, the Public Health and Safety Organization, or something along those lines. One of the few protein supplements that meets those criteria? Vital Proteins.

Right now, you can save 30-percent off your first subscription on all Vital Proteins, and 10-percent on all following orders. The Mega Bundle, which includes vanilla collagen peptide, a mixed berry collagen peptide and beef bone broth canisters, collagen creamer coconut stick pack box, as well as three other canisters and boxes, is also on sale from $311 down to $267. Check out the site to save big now, and boost your strength before 2018 is over.

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