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This Coffee Maker Is One of the Best in the World, and It’s $100 Off This Weekend

The Moccamaster is a bonafide industrial design icon that you can have for $100 less than usual today.

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Half a century ago, Gerard Clement Smit opened up shop at the Technivorm factory in the Netherlands with one goal: to make a coffee machine that was better than its competition in every way.

He was successful — the Moccamaster was the first coffee maker certified by the rigorous testers at the Specialty Coffee Association (it’s very, very rigorous) and the European Coffee Brewing Center.

The drip makers are made in the same way they were when Smit started his business — by hand, and with materials that are superior to the competition then and now (more on this later). Each Moccamaster also come with a 5-year warranty and can be taken apart at home for cleaning and maintenance (a rarity for a coffee machine).

The magic of Smit’s machine was the speed and temperature precision at which it brews, both features that have the Moccamaster’s trademark copper heating element to thank. Because copper is an excellent heat conductor and a horrible heat insulator, it can bring water to ideal brew temperature (196 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit) and bleeds temperature as to not scorch or overheat the coffee. The use of copper makes a machine that can brew a half pot in two to three minutes, and a full pot in about five.

Today on Massdrop, the CDG Moccamaster is $100 off. This is a price we don’t see often for new Moccamasters, and this specific model is one of the best. This is for one very simple reason: this one keeps your coffee warmer for longer than a lot of other Moccamaster models.

Others, like the ever-popular steel carafe models, do not have an electric hot plate. If you’re thinking the steel carafe will keep coffee at a happy temperature as long as a hot plate, you’re wrong — it’ll stay warm roughly half the time.

On top of all this, it’s reasonably compact and is very easily the best-looking coffee maker we’ve tested (the ’60s aesthetic is very real).

Make sure you buy filters.

Buy Now: $330 $230

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