You Can Save $200 on HP’s Already Affordable Premium Laptop Today

HP’s Spectre Folio 13t combines old-world polish with cutting-edge tech for a hybrid laptop that’s as capable as you need it to be.


Laptop design can feel a bit stale at times. Everything tends to skew sleek, thin and silver, with few if any makers breaking out of that mold. Considering this, HP’s Spectre Folio Laptop 13t is that much more impressive thanks to its inventive take on what a two-in-one laptop can look like.

The Spectre Folio is made with a magnesium frame that’s completely covered in a leather outer shell — save for the keyboard and screen — to give it an extremely distinct look. This essentially removes the need for placing the Spectre Folio in a traditional laptop sleeve. The hybrid hinge allows the touchscreen to fold into different modes for a versatile interface that handles whatever you need it to do. And thanks to the 8th Generation Intel Core i5 processor, it’s ideal for everyday use, from spreadsheets and presentations to surfing and streaming.

If you’re in the market for a hybrid laptop that features premium outside-the-box design and all the capability you need, now’s your time — you can acquire the Spectre Folio 13t for $200 off until June 1.

Buy Now: $1,300 $1,100

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