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The Best Robot Vacuum You Can Buy Is on Sale Right Now

iRobot’s i7+ vacuum is as hands-off as a robo-vacuum can get.

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Chandler Bondurant

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When we reviewed iRobot’s i7+ robo-vacuum, we called it the best robo-vacuum you could buy. But we did so with one caveat: price. The full setup — which includes the vacuum and its charging and trash-dumping base — starts at $800. Today on Amazon, the cost is slightly more wallet-friendly.

Marked down $150, the i7+ is the first robo-vac to empty its dust contents for you. Once it senses its dustbin is full, it locks itself into its home base and deposits the trash inside (the base can hold around 30 Roombas worth of trash). It also retains “mission” data every time you send it out to clean, and it uses that data to more quickly clean your home on future missions. It’s all controlled through iRobot’s smartphone app. For what it's worth, some of Roombas other robo-vacs are also on sale right now on Amazon.

SAVE NOW: $800 $649

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