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This Sneaky Prime Day Deal Is the Perfect Way to Upgrade Your Backpack

Nearly every backpack today comes with a built-in hydration sleeve.


Nearly every backpack today, whether it be for hiking, biking or going to and from the office, comes with a hydration sleeve. What’s that? It could be as simple as a piece of fabric against the back of the bag’s interior, or it could be an entirely separate pocket (laptop sleeves almost always double as hydration sleeves). Along with that sleeve, there’s typically a port that allows you to route a hose through one or both of the backpack’s shoulder straps so that it doesn’t stick out awkwardly from an open zipper. You probably have a pack like this, but maybe you don’t have the actual hydration reservoir itself. Well, for Prime Day you can snag one for 20 percent off.

The reservoir that’s currently discounted comes from a brand called HydraPak, which supplies water bags to tons of other brands to use in their products. Patagonia, Salomon, Osprey and many more companies use HydraPak bottles and reservoirs. Our favorite features are a baffled construction that keeps it from getting floppy as you drink and a hose port that doesn’t leak as you disconnect and reconnect the tube. The two-liter and three-liter models have these features, and both are included in the Prime Day sale. It’s the best way to turn just about any backpack into a hydration backpack.

Buy Now (2L): $36 $28Buy Now (3L): $38 $30

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